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A woman needs balance:

AIM Renewed Balance is a topical progesterone cream formulated to help your body stay in balance. This is especially important for women, as many health practitioners believe that keeping two important hormones, estrogen and progesterone, in balance can result in a carefree attitude throughout menopause and maintained bone density. 

AIM Renewed Balance maintains cellular balance and decreases symptoms of estrogen dominance. It aids hormonal balance to aid symptoms associated with PMS, menopause and osteoporosis. It contains natural progesterone derived from wild yam and soy plants. It should not be confused with wild yam extract which does not convert to natural progesterone in the body and therefore does not have the same molecular structure.


How much natural progesterone to use depends on your biochemistry.  Generally, it is recommended that you use 20 mg to 24 mg of natural progesterone in a day- this amount is found in approximately 1/8 teaspoons (337 mg) of Renewed Balance cream.  If you use this much, 1 jar should last 2 to 3 calendar months, using the cream 2 to 3 weeks per month.   This is the recommended according to Dr. Lee.

Rub the cream into areas of thin skin, such as the neck, upper chest, breasts, and inside arms. Rotating among the various sites maximizes absorption.Always adjust your natural progesterone use to your needs. If symptoms disappear or reappear, use less or more. Shelf life is 2 years, sealed. Store in a cool, dry place (70-75 F;20.1 0 23.8 C). Keep away from heat. It can be refrigerated, but should not be frozen. Use in the weeks after opening the jar.

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