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It is important to note that men also need proper levels of LH, FSH and testosterone,where for women Progesterone is the third important factor. Few men or women do not haveenough estrogen. It is a myth for most.

Studies have shown rye pollen extracts to be more helpfulthan saw palmetto berry for the prostate.  See hyperlinks below for articles, productinformation and  about research done regarding prostate problems and the maleinfertility connection.

The Uterus and Prostate work in much the same way and are almost mirrored images ofeach other in functions and appearance.  As the proper function of the uterus forwomen is vital so is the proper function of the prostate for male fertility. 

As in the post below Bee Pollen has an overall positive effect on prostrate function.  

OPCs sole purpose is to fight freeradicals.   Protecting cells from attack means making them stronger.  Cellularintegrity is important to all aspects of health with one important function being theprotection developing sperm and egg. 

Progesterone believe it or not also helps a man by blocking the estrogen that bindstestosterone. Progesterone supplementation has been linked to binding DHT which inhibitsthe production of testosterone according to the book by Drs. Lee and Hanley called WhatYour Doctor May Not Tell You About PREMenopause. (Find it in ourBookstore)  A man would use about 1/16 of a tsp on and off through the month.

Selenium: Deficiency causes immobile sperm with fragile tails that break off. Seleniumis depleted when a man ejaculates so it must be replaced regularly.  Selenium isfound in high concentration in Wheat Sprouts among other sources.  Ask for areputable natural supplement from your local health food store or eat sprouts; lots andLOTS.

Zinc - even a mild deficiency of zinc can cause drastic changes in sperm count. NOTE:improper copper to zinc ratios is one reason for PMS. Progesterone supplementation putsthese back in balance.

Ginseng is very important for stress and to the adrenals to prevent burnout. Accordingto the Naturopathic Handbook, Schizandra/Ginseng Compound isformulated with men in mind, but is nourishing to the adrenals for both men and women.  This combination aids in stamina, anti stress, virility and others functions of theadrenal glands.

Lack of B vitamins (found in pollen extracts as well) has been linked to a reduction ofpituitary function in male and females. They stimulate the production of LH and FSH whichstimulate sperm production and testosterone secretion.  See BeePollen  read aboutB6 and progesterone production.

Vitamin A is very very important to both but especially to men. It benefits the liningcells of the testes' seminiferous tubules - and these cells are the developing sperm.

The Lymphatic System plays the central role in building immune response.  It enablesthe body to rid itself of bacteria and viruses, filters foreign substances and cell debrisfrom the blood and produces lymphocytes.  It removes toxins that originated in theenvironment and toxic waste products that our cells produce as part of their metabolism.  If these toxins are not removed, they can build up in the blood and eventuallypoison us. 

Dr. Lee recommends several herbs for healing the ovaries, fibroids, endometriosis,fibrocystic breasts and infertility as well as a host of other reproductive disorders.

For me it is even more important (although important to both) because his reproductivesystem is all glandular function.  Therefore keeping the glands problem free isespecially important for men.

Vitamin C 1000mg per day raised levels of sperm count by 140% in the first week in onestudy. Some suggest as much as 2000-6000mg.

Clean kidneys is important also so that zinc is not lost through urine. Cranberry juice(pure) is good for men with urinationproblems which can be an early sign of prostrate problems.

Flaxseed oil is an excellent source of Essential Fatty Acidsthat are necessary for men in even higher amounts than women.