a workshop in fertility and getting pregnant naturally

Since 1998 has helped numerous couples overcome infertility NATURALLY.
Infertility drugs, treatments, clinics and pills are a thing of the past for those with male or female infertility.
Natural fertility methods include herbal supplements, natural food, products and treatments; all natural 
ways to increase fertility.  Love your baby  before conception. Healthy couple, healthy baby.
Information to nourish your mind and the supplements and products to nourish you; ultimately your baby. 

Here are the links to a few testimonies sent to us in our support group or from those who found help through our site.

Click on the buttons to take you to those pages.  Some are short and someare quite long but all are important.

This page has many!  Remember we do not claim to cure or prescribeinfertility treatments.  These testimonies speak for themselves; you decide what mayor may not help you and consult your doctor when you feel it is  necessary.

WB00749_.gif (969 bytes) Dawn changed her diet and cleansing helped her to get her cycles back before she went on to conceive.
WB00749_.gif (969 bytes) M made the commitment to the Live Food Diet which was seemed to be just what she needed.
WB00749_.gif (969 bytes) Laura was considered unexplained infertility after trying several conventional medical procedures.
WB00749_.gif (969 bytes) Kris over came multiple miscarriages
WB00749_.gif (969 bytes) Anne suffered from PCOS
WB00749_.gif (969 bytes) Susie began to use natural progesterone cream after years of habitual miscarriages.
WB00749_.gif (969 bytes) Kelly had PCOS and is due in July 2001
WB00749_.gif (969 bytes) Maida had a history of unexplained infertility, followed by 2 unexplained miscarriages with pregnancies achieved using Clomid.
WB00749_.gif (969 bytes) Angela had a hard time figuring out when she was fertile and the Fertility Tracker™ made the difference.

I am so thankful for you, for I am also pregnant, due in January(2001). The saliva detector I got on your website was a blessing.  Just wanted you to know that you were a blessing to me!



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