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Body Balance Products - BodyBalance is a separate division of GreatSmokies Diagnostic Laboratory that specializes in screening products such as Osteocheckand FemaleCheck. Great Smokies is a specialized clinical laboratory offering a unique anddynamic blend ofeducational and laboratory services to people around the world.

Great Smokies specializes in diagnostic tests that evaluatephysiological function, risk prevention, and chronic illness using samples of stool,urine, blood, saliva and hair.

Great Smokies' tests reveal how well the body is doing its job in six important areas:Digestion, nutrition, detoxification/oxidative stress, immunology, allergy, hormone andmetabolic function.  See the link below for more info.

The Fertility Tracker™ - The Fertility Tracker is a 100Xmagnification illuminated microscope complete with instructions to make the tracking awomen's salivary and mucus changes throughout her cycle much simpler.

Since the Fertility Tracker is a microscope and not a chemical ovulation predictor kit ithas many advantages over these other tools.  Read more about it by clicking here.