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30-40 drops 3 x per day is what is traditionally used for 1:1 ratio organic herbal extracts. This statement has not be evaluated by the food and drug administration.

Burdock root - Articium lappa

Burdock has the historical reputation of being an "alterative," meaning herbalists have considered it as a good source of nutrients to help build the body. Our great-grandparents called plants like Dandelion and Burdock "blood purifiers." Menomine* and Micmac Indians used Burdock for skin sores, while the Cherokees used it for a broader base of ailments. 

 Burdock is an herb to use during pregnancy. It is a mineral rich, regulator which can help in balancing all systems. It helps prevent water retention and jaundice in the baby.

 Burdock is a strong liver purifying and hormone balancing herb with particular value for skin, arthritic, and glandular problems. It is a specific in all blood cleansing and detoxification problems.

 Burdock is an excellent blood purifier and cleanser and eliminates long-term impurities from the blood very rapidly. It is also an antidote for acute poisoning.

 Burdock can reduce swelling around the joints by promoting kidney function, thus increasing the flow of urine. It helps to clear the blood of harmful acids due to calcification deposits.

 Used as a poliltice, Burdock was found to be an effective remedy when applied to sores and bug bites.

 Inulin, the source of most of Burdock's curative powers,consists of 27% to 45% inulin which is a form of starch important in the metabolism of carbohydrates.


 Burdock has been used extensively by some for cancer cases, as it is an alterative.   When used as a poultice on skin cancer, has manifested its greatest success.

 In Europe, it has been used as a remedy where there is a prolapsed and displaced uterus.

 Burdock works on the pituitary gland helping it to release protein in proper amounts, thus maintaining hormonal balance for a healthy body.

Burdock is a good source of iron making it an excellent choice for treating iron deficiencies.

 The Chinese have used Burdock for coughs, colds, sore throats, tonsillitis, measles, sores and abscesses.

 Burdock has the ability to neutralize most poisons, relieving, both the kidney and lymphatic system.

 Burdock has been used as a replacement for Chaparral very effectively.


 Below are some of the many traditional uses for Burdock.  Those in capital letters are primary actions and those in lower case are secondary applications.

ABSCESSES (INTERNALLY),      ACNE (blood cleansing)     ALLERGIES     ARTHRITIS    Bladder infections       BLOOD CLEANSER     Blood poisoning      BLOOD PURIFIER     BOILS     Bronchitis     BRUISES      BURNS/SCALDS       BURSITIS      CANCER      CANKER SORES      Carbuncles      CATARRH      CHICKEN POX  COLDS     CONSTIPATION     Coughs     Cystitis     Dandruff   Degenerative conditions     ECZEMA     FEVERS    WATER   RETENTION     Gallbladder     Gallstones     GOUT     Hair growth     Hair loss     Hayfever     HEMORRHOIDS     HERPES     HYPERGLYCEMIA     HYPOGLYCEMIA     Infection     Inflammation     ITCHING     KIDNEY PROBLEMS     LEPROSY     LIVER PROBLEMS     Lungs     LYMPHATIC CONGESTION     MEASLES      Nervous conditions      Obesity      Pimples       Pneumonia      POISON IVY / OAK Poisons      PSORIASIS      RASHES      RHEUMATISM      SCIATICA      Scrofula     SKIN DISORDERS     Skin eruptions     Sore throats     SORES     Stiles     Stomach disorders     SWELLING     SYPHILIS     TONSILLITIS     Tuberculosis     TUMORS (GLAND, SPLEEN)     Ulcers     Uterus (prolapsed)     Venereal diseases     Wounds                               

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Information taken from The Little Herb Encyclopedia by Jack Ritchardson, ND.  This book is one of our favorites and can be found in our bookstore section of the catalog.