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Should I do a Shutdown Cleanse?

Most women come to us at Infertility Workshop by the time they have had it with other methods and with the belief that 'We may as well try the herbal route.'  Truth be told it is more for the sake of believing they will have tried everything than because they are 'into' alternative medicine.

Really though, the first place to look when we are experiencing disease of any kind in the body is to detoxification of the blood, lymphatic system and endocrine system in general.  Our body needs to be free of malady before for some life can spring forth from the womb.

Though I would never pretend to have all the answers, I do find there are many similarities to those passing through our site and our support group.  This is why I strongly recommend shutting down the reproductive system for an average of 3 months.   Why 3 months?  Because you can do a lot of cleansing and changes in lifestyle habits in that amount of time if you are determined for the outcome. 

Dr. Lee suggests how to heal the ovaries by using progesterone cream (ours is Renewed Balance®) for 3 months from days 5-26 of the cycle to 'shut off' ovulation, estrogens, fsh and lh.  The reason for this is multi-fold. One needs to allow the ovaries to rest and not to continually make matters worse by causing more cysts (if they are present).    Personally I have found there are many more reasons for this than just the cysts.

We often find in our group that women who have an excess in estrogen and follicle stimulating hormone do well by adding progesterone cream to lower estrogen peaks enough to allow ovulation to happen.  The typical scenario of this would be someone who clearly is trying to ovulate by signs of EWCM several times in a long cycle.  This is often a clue that there is a constant production of estrogen that is not allowing the dip necessary for the expulsion of the egg.

Then we have seen several women who were trapped in Dr. Lee's scenario of having multiple cysts but not being able to stop ovulation long enough for them to atrophy and disappear.  This too is a good reason.  I have personally known a friend who had 175 cysts documented by her RE and then the shutdown left very few in a short time and non after a little longer time.  Her testimony will be on the site soon as she now has a little boy Nathaniel AND is expecting her second child.  All after a long history of PCOS and 2 miscarriages from Clomid.

The biggest reason I would like to focus on for shutdown, is a carefree, peace of mind, 3 months without the pressure of TTC, temps, frustration and stress in the marriage and being able to fully carry out a cleanse of the vital organs, glands, blood and 'the heart'.  When you do a cleanse wholeheartedly, you are able to focus once again on getting healthy without the interuption of wondering if you are pregnant and what herbs should you be on THIS week.  More importantly you focus on the couple making love again, who is trying to have a baby instead of baby dancing for the purpose of having a baby. 

This is something to think about and to discuss with your husband.  It is a great time to de-stress after what has been a very stressful time for a long time before.   You can read about cleansing for TTC more on this page: Cleansing for TTC

Here is a partial testimony from someone who started to shutdown and became pregnant:

Well, it is official.  I took 2 hpt's the last 2 mornings and they are
definitely positive!  We are thrilled, and in awe of God's timing and
hand in this.  Here is the story...

I have PCOS and was annovulatory.  In May we began really working at conceiving again (we have 2 daughters conceived with Clomid).  I started a change in diet and lost 45lbs.  Then I began adding in a whole slew of vitamins, supplements and herbs.   I found this group 3 or 4 months ago and have learned SO much.  I ordered progesterone cream from Brenda and began using that from O-AF.

there is other info in between to the group but then it continues:

This is where God's hand becomes so evident.  I had been talking to
Brenda about doing a shutdown, but with the wedding costs I was planning to wait until January.  I also had stopped most supplements after learning that they were not very good quality and they were also
expensive to keep up with.  I continued the Vitex b4O.  I did decide to do a partial shutdown with just pro cream starting at 5dpo, so I used it days 5-10 I believe.   Then I realized that I didn't have enough left to finish out the cycle  so I quit.  I was amazed when I O'd on day 17 - my earliest O ever!  This happened the week of the wedding, but we still managed to bd the day of O (I later realized).   I guess that the pro cream helped with the estrogen dominance and allowed O?

This is an example of someone who has excessive estrogen and the shutdown works to offset it enough to ovulate.

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The rest as they say is up to you and any physician you may want to check with.    My suggestion would be to work with on who will at least be studies natural medicine and can apply it.  The Wholebody Approach!  bless you, brenda