Vitamins, Minerals and Wholefood

Happy Thanksgiving

More on vitamin B6

Quick note for males: The B vitamins are important in general for health, especially for normal cell division and to improve circulation.  B-vitamins lower stress and vitamin B6 has anti-cancer properties and increase zinc absorption.   From Male Potency - Woodland Publishing

Sources: Brewer's yeast, Nutritional yeast, Fish, Meat (not my favorite to recommend) Peas, Carrots, Eggs, Chicken, Spinach, Potatoes, Bananas, Walnuts, Whole grains

Value to the Body:

1.       It is involved in the health of the nervous system.

  1. It helps in producing the immune system {diseases-fighting} cells.
  2. It relieves a wide range of PMS symptoms such as breast tenderness, weight gain and irritability.
  3. Necessary for the synthesis and breakdown of amino acids, the building blocks of protein aids in fat carbohydrate metabolism.
  4. Aids in the formation of antibodies.
  5. Maintains the central system.
  6. Aids in the removal of excess fluid of premenstrual women.
  7. Promotes healthy skin.
  8. Reduces muscle spasms, leg cramps, nausea and stiffness of the hands.
  9. Helps maintain a proper balance of sodium and phosphorous in the body.
  10. Plays a role in reducing the size and/or slowing the growth of certain tumors and skin cancers

What happens when you don't have enough?

  1. Nervousness
  2. Muscular weakness
  3. Skin eruptions
  4. Slow learning
  5. Loss of muscular control
  6. Water retention
  7. Anemia
  8. Arm and leg cramps
  9. Mouth disorder
  10. Loss of hair

What about too much?

  1. Very high doses {more than 1 gram in one day} can cause nerve damage. 200mg is recommended.
  2. More than 200mg per/day can be toxic in the system and it takes several months for it to happen.

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Value to the Body:

  1. Formation & regeneration of red blood cells, thus helping prevent anemia
  2. Necessary for carbohydrate, fat & protein metabolism
  3. Maintains a healthy nervous system
  4. Promotes growth in children
  5. Increases energy
  6. Needed for Calcium absorption
  7. Fight diseases, recover more quickly from viral infections and help restore a sluggish appetite.
  8. Promoting DNA synthesis
  9. It helps people cope with stress
  10. It is used to help increase fertility in livestock
  11. It increases the sperm count in 27% of men
  12. It strengthens the immune system

What happens when you don't have enough?

  1. Pernicious anemia, poor appetite
  2. Growth failure in children
  3. Tiredness, brain damage, nervousness
  4. Neuritis, degeneration of spinal cord
  5. Depression, lack of balance
  6. Noticeable enhancement of problems of certain kinds of mental illness
  • If B12 deficiency occurs, DNA production is disrupted and abnormal cells called megablasts occur - might be good to research megablasts and DNA and their affects on fertility; hmmmmmmmmm.

???????      What about too much?   No such thing at this point.