a workshop in fertility and getting pregnant naturally

Since 1998 has helped numerous couples overcome infertility NATURALLY.
Infertility drugs, treatments, clinics and pills are a thing of the past for those with male or female infertility.
Natural fertility methods include herbal supplements, natural food, products and treatments; all natural 
ways to increase fertility.  Love your baby  before conception. Healthy couple, healthy baby.
Information to nourish your mind and the supplements and products to nourish you; ultimately your baby. 

Body Balance BodyBalance Saliva Hormone, Hair and Urine Home Test kits and Fertility Tracker Saliva Testing Microscope.  Test kits only $74.95 - $15.00 off retail ($89.95). Fertility Tracker Saliva Ferning Microscope only $39.95 (See choices below)  The tests are not available for NY or CA.

NOW you can test saliva, urine, hair and hormones in the privacy of your own home and receive results within 2 weeks of sending your sample for diagnosis.  Body Balance hormone saliva testing company also makes these results available privately to you online and provides detailed information helping you to take charge of your health. We offer free support after testing as well to help you weed through it all.  Testing your hormones is very important to fertility diagosis. Progesterone, Estrogen and Testosterone saliva testing can tell if hormones are out of balance.

BodyBalance home test kits reveal how well the body is doing its job in five important areas: Digestion, nutrition, detoxification/oxidative stress, immunology, allergy, hormone and metabolic function. BodyBalance specializes in diagnostic tests that evaluate physiological function, risk prevention, and chronic illness using samples of stool, urine, blood, saliva and hair.

Retail $89.95 Our price $74.95 each

Choose from the drop down box

Female CheckFemale Check
Measures your levels of estradiol, progesterone and testosterone using a saliva sample.  [More info...]
Male CheckMale Check
Measures your levels of testosterone and DHEA using a saliva sample.  [More info...]
Sleep CheckStress Check
Measures your levels of DHEA and cortisol using a saliva sample.  [More info...]
Performance CheckPerformance Check
Measures testosterone and cortisol using a saliva sample.  [More info...]
Body Balance are the best value hormone kits to test at home, on the market today.  Mineral CheckMineral Check
Measures 11 minerals and 9 toxic elements using a hair sample.  [More info...]
Fertility TrackerFertility Tracker with 44 pg booklet, 6 reusable slides and support.
Taking the detective work out of tracking your fertility.  [More info...]
Fertility Tracker with booklet, slides and the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility
Now that the detective work is out of your fertility, take charge of it!   [More info...]

BodyBalance is a separate division of Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory that specializes in screening products such as MaleCheck and FemaleCheck. Great Smokies is a specialized clinical laboratory offering a unique and dynamic blend of educational and laboratory services to people around the world.  Body Balance hormone and saliva testing products are available to the consumer without prescription.

BodyBalance began as part of a primary care/nutrition practice in 1983 and quickly became a certified diagnostic laboratory.  BodyBalance home hormone testing is top in their field and we have been using them since 1998.


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